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Every employee requires regular payment at the end of each month – it is the quintessential motive behind any work provided for an employer. Monetary compensation however necessary, is still a tedious task to sit through at the end of each pay-cycle.

QuickBooks Payroll service reduces burden on the employer by providing:

  • Easy processing of employee payments
  • Quick tax management
  • Paycheck creation and printing features
  • Uncomplicated handling of payroll tax forms
  • Special provisions for W-2 employees

Payroll is overall, a very convenient application provided by Intuit company. It integrates flawlessly with your QuickBooks program, granting convenient features and able to handle most payroll functionalities easily.

However, even with all these attributes to improve your quality of life, you must keep in mind that no software is perfect; every program out there is prone to human error and other system related problems. If such a situation ever arises, our QuickBooks Payroll Customer support number will be there for you. Just dial our toll-free helpline number 1-888-412-7852 and receive assistance from the best QB payroll experts in the industry.

We have a team of advisors who will:

  • Work around the clock 24/7, all year round to make sure that you never have to waste your time.
  • Solve almost all of your problems – with rate of success touching almost 99%.
  • Pay individual attention to your problem, and politely answer any queries you have without hesitation.
  • Make sure that your problem remains a one-time occurrence, with almost no chance of return.
  • Give you instructions on how to fix almost all the recorded errors in our database.
  • Possess over 10 years of knowledge of working with the Payroll service.
  • Go above and beyond to resolve your error.
  • Provide you with QuickBooks enhanced payroll support.

Payroll service from QuickBooks offers many features that are highly customizable, depending on what your need is. While they already help you manage payroll and in tracking all the expenses on your employees. It enables you to customize most reports that you can manually generate including (but not limited to) vendor reports, item reports and other financial reports.

Quickly generate a report that summarizes all the necessary details of your month end pay cycle, like wages, taxes and other adjustments in their salaries. You can also run reports for individual employees, as per your requirement. To get help in creating a summary report, or to understand how to export a certain payroll summary to other compatible software (like Microsoft Excel), our quickbooks full service payroll support will assist you through it step by step.

This software comes with the option to create more than one type of paycheck. You can use it to create scheduled paychecks, unscheduled paychecks and also paychecks provided during an employee’s termination. Scheduled payroll is recommended only if you pay your employees on a regular basis such as once a week, once every two weeks or once a month. QuickBooks payroll service will automatically send your paycheck as per the pre-set schedule. Learn how to set a scheduled payroll simply by contacting QB payroll support.

In case you provide infrequent paychecks – for example, payment to employees on an assignment to assignment basis, or if you hire freelancers occasionally, Payroll services provides you with the option of unscheduled payroll. Any off-cycle paycheck requires manual intervention each time. Our experts can provide with you an easy guide to setting it up.

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If you ever have issues in the following, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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    1. Updating your tax tables

    You can use the Payroll Service to update your tax tables. All you require is a subscription to the payroll software. It is advisable to download the latest tax table at the time of every pay-cycle. You can also avail automatic updates each time they arrive.

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    2. Creation of paychecks

    The three different type of paychecks require you to have an activated payroll service, along with having updated tax tables and the fully updated version of QuickBooks.

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    3. Viewing and printing your employee paychecks

    You can either create a standard template for paychecks and save it for printing at a later time, or you can print checks as you create them on QuickBooks Desktop. They will be accurate and detailed – and can also be marked as you are creating them.

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    4. Creating a direct deposit for employees

    You can set up a direct deposit for your employees, as well as edit or terminate it at your convenience. Your employees will need to fill out all the appropriate legal paperwork, making it easier for you to keep track, as well as maintaining a record for future use.

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    5. Electronically filing for taxes

    This is a basic, but very useful functionality of the QuickBooks Payroll Service. It allows you to not only file for tax forms, but also to pay your taxes via electronic means. You need to keep in mind that you have to type the company information accurately during the enrollment procedure.

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    6. Customizing your payroll reports

    Included in the Payroll service, is the option to customize all your reports as per your standards, in order to help you track your expenses more efficiently. Any information regarding employee payroll that you think necessary can be added to it.

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    7. Track each individual employees’ time of entry and exit

    The application also allows you to effectively keep track of the check-in and clock out times of all your employees. It is a simple system where they can record their hours in an online time-sheet. It can also be used to track sick-leave and vacation timings.

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    8. Using the online version on payroll service on your phone or tablet

    There are convenient applications for both Android OS users as well as those who prefer Apple products. Our QuickBooks Payroll Customer Support can guide you through the user interface that mobile app presents.

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    9. Differentiating between the three subscription plans available to you

    If you require any assistance in fully understanding the different subscription plans available in Payroll Service, then just dial our toll-free QuickBooks Payroll helpline number 1-888-412-7852  now. Our advisors will do their best to different functions available on each.

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    10. Explanation of all the functionalities available on the QuickBooks payroll service

    While the application is user-friendly on its own, some of the more complex features might require some explanation. This is where our QuickBooks full service payroll support comes in. Whether simple or not, our experts will provide a major boost to your learning process!

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Our tech-support staff is highly trained in handling all individual problems, no matter how big or small. Just dial our helpline number 1-888-412-7852 to receive QuickBooks Payroll technical help from a team who cares about achieving the 100% success rate. Go ahead, give us a shot!


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